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OakGate PCIe® Gen5 Solid-State Storage Test Solutions Deliver Increased Scalability and Performance

Teledyne LeCroy’s OakGate R300 and DE200 PCIe Gen5 Test Appliances, 8-Bay Modules, and 16-Bay Enclosures are Available to be Ordered

Loomis, CA, July 12, 2022 – Teledyne LeCroy, the worldwide leader in protocol test and measurement solutions, announces availability of validation test appliances for PCIe Gen5 based Solid State Drives. The OakGate R300 3U rackmount test appliance and the OakGate DE200 desktop test appliance offer scalable validation and conformance testing of the latest generation of solid-state drives (SSDs).

To support demand for faster, more efficient SSDs, SSD manufacturers are taking advantage of the 5th generation of PCI Express (PCIe), which doubles throughput with data transfer rates of up to 32GT/s.  SSD quality and reliability needs to be high, but demand is also high. So, it is also critical that the manufacturing process is not slowed unnecessarily for testing. The OakGate R300 and the OakGate DE200 test appliances provide design and test engineers the means to test the performance and specification compliance of these PCIe Gen5 quickly and efficiently based SSDs.  The new modular 8-Bay system provides customers the flexibility to easily interchange all popular SSD connector types and form factors.  The new 16-Bay Expansion Enclosures enables the creation of large test configurations, reducing test time.

“Western Digital is committed to SSD portfolio excellence in markets utilizing high performance systems that incorporate PCI Express 5.0 and NVM Express storage.  We are confident that strategic partners like Teledyne LeCroy will continue enabling Western Digital and the high-performance storage ecosystem with test solutions that foster rapid industry adoption,” said Anuj Awasthi, Senior Director, System Design & Firmware Verification Engineering at Western Digital.

OakGate’s PCIe Gen5 test solutions push the boundary for performance and functionality by providing:

  • Products for any size project – Systems can be configured to match your requirements. 
  • Next generation system performance – Operation supports even large, complex test plans.
  • Double the module density – Save rack space and improve power efficiencies with a 33% increase in density of expansion enclosures.
  • Larger configurations options – Test up to 48 devices with a single rackmount appliance.
  • Support for all standard SSD connectors, types, and form factors - including U.2, U.3, M.2, E3.S/L, E1.S/L and CEM.
  • Flexibility and simplicity – Fully swappable modules.
  • New advanced power features – lowering total overall cost by removing the need for additional power Interposers.
  • Single/Dual-port software switching for U.2 and EDSFF SSDs.

“In the past decade, Teledyne LeCroy has pioneered the industry’s most advanced SSD validation solutions and we continue to lead with the first validation solution supporting end-to-end PCIe Gen5.” said Roy Chestnut, Vice President of Test Appliance Products. “Our PCIe Gen5 test solutions are powered by the industry’s most widely used software suite, SVF Pro/Enduro.  The 5th generation test software is packed full of advanced power measurement and management features.”


OakGate R300 rackmount test appliances and the OakGate DE200 desktop test appliances for PCIe Gen5 SSD can be ordered now. For additional information, contact Teledyne LeCroy at 1-800-5LeCroy (1-800-553-2769) or visit Teledyne LeCroy's OakGate web site at https://www.oakgatetech.com/platform/gen-5-overview

Visit Teledyne LeCroy’s at the Flash Memory Summit 2022 in booth #919 from Aug 2-4 in Santa Clara, California to experience our OakGate PCIe Gen5 SSD Test Solutions!

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