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Introducing qdPrime™: Revolutionizing DisplayPort Testing with Enhanced Capabilities

Teledyne LeCroy’s qdPrime software simplifies testing, ensuring performance and improving interoperability.

Elgin, IL, January 24, 2024 – Teledyne LeCroy Inc., the worldwide leader in protocol test solutions, today announced the availability of the qdPrime test suite. This new software option for the quantumdata M42de DisplayPort 2.1 Analyzer and Generator system redefines the landscape of comprehensive performance and interoperability testing for source and sink devices.

Design and test engineers worldwide have long trusted the quantumdata M42de test platform to verify conformance to VESA’s DisplayPort specifications. Now, with the introduction of the qdPrime test suite, comprehensive test automation is available for every verification team, streamlining performance testing, and enhancing the potential for source and sink interoperability.

Key Features of the qdPrime test suite:

  1. Extensive Test Case Library: The qdPrime test suite boasts a massive library of test cases, ensuring comprehensive performance and interoperability testing for a wide array of source and sink devices.
  2. Menu-Driven Interface: The intuitive menu-driven interface simplifies the selection of test parameters, allowing users to dynamically build and execute automated test plans effortlessly.
  3. Systematic Test Coverage: Using targeted settings, the qdPrime test suite systematically checks every combination of lane-width, link rate, timing, color-space, and bit depth, guaranteeing the fullest possible test coverage.
  4. Real-time Results: Each test instantiation is meticulously logged with a pass/fail result, providing a real-time snapshot of device-under-test interoperability.

“The Interoperability testing requirements for DisplayPort 2.1 has grown considerably not only due to the higher speeds but a range of advanced features including enhanced resolutions, dynamic refresh rates, compression modes, and the integration of Alt Mode over USB Type-C™,” said Bill Lempesis, executive director of VESA, which develops and administers the DisplayPort standard and compliance logo program. “Companies like Teledyne that offer solutions for interoperability testing for VESA standards play a vital role in ensuring that products introduced to market that claim support for our standards meet the high-quality benchmarks that we have established.”

Michael Romm, vice-president, general manager of Teledyne LeCroy’s Protocol Solutions Group emphasized, “The qdPrime Test Suite uses proven verification algorithms developed over Teledyne LeCroy’s decade-long commitment to supporting the industry with leading automated DisplayPort Compliance testing. Fast, efficient test execution and detailed test logs significantly save test resources, time and effort.”


The qdPrime Test Suite is available now and offers the flexibility of an annual term license, reducing initial costs while providing full access to the qdPrime test suite, including enhancements and future proprietary test cases. For more information, please contact your regional Sales Engineer: 1-800-909-7211 or 408-653-1262; or email [email protected]. Learn more at: https://www.teledynelecroy.com/protocolanalyzer/quantumdata-m42de.aspx.

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